Mercury Kush

05/11/2009 – 4:20

Mercury Kush 1 small

Type:  Indica

Rating:  6/10

Duration:  1.5 – 2.0 Hours

Density:  somewhat thick, breaks up with fingers

Method:  Pipe

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Mercury Kush is another strain from the Planet Kushes.  Mercury Kush is just as fragrant as the other Planet Kushes.  The fragrance is inviting to smoke.  The eighth that was purchased contained smaller buds.  The condition was not too dry, not to fresh.  The condition of the buds was easy to break up using the fingers.  It is a tasty indica and is smooth on the throat for bigger inhalations. Mercury Kush can be found as potent for some, but maybe not the seasoned smokers.

Mercury Kush provides relief in several ways.  The sedation of the strain assists in relieving many ailments.  Pain and muscle spasms are obviously alleviated.  It assist in relieving headaches minutes after the first session.  The body is relaxed but not lazy.  The sedation is not too potent preventing duties from being accomplished.  It is also appropriate just to watch TV and relax.   Due to the type of strain, fatigue is not relieved at all.  In greater dosages, insomnia can be relieved, as well.  Appetite stimulation is also provided.

The elation provided is potent.  It is a quality elation that lingers from 1.0 to about 1.5 hours.  The mood is relieved from stress, as well.  Mercury Kush provides a quality elation that is longer in duration that other kushes but not its sibling strains, such as Jupiter Kush.  The elation and duration are positive characteristics this strain provides.  Aside from that, Mercury Kush is decent and many should find it acceptable and some will not. A bigger dosage could assist in attaining the desired relief.  Or possibly, a different method could.

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