Vapir Oxygen Mini Vaporizer Review

06/29/2008 – 4:20


Name: Oxygen Mini
Manufacturer: Vapir Inc.
Core: Brass
Color: Black
Dimensions: 6.5″ L x 2″ Diameter
Temperature Control: Digital with 2 buttons
Method: Whip
Power: 110V – 220V 6ft AC Adapter or external battery
Price: $124.99 (US)

The Vapir Oxygen Mini is a very small, hand-held vaporizer. There are smaller vaporizers available from other companies also. Opening the package contains several items:

1. Oxygen Mini
2. Power adapter
3. Cleaning brush
4. 4 Wooden cleaning sticks
5. 3 three-inch plastic tube/whip
6. 1 mouthpiece
7. 10 screens
8. Rechargeable battery pack
9. Manual
10. Car charger

In order to accurately review products, the Magic Dragon reads and follows instructions. The Vapir Oxygen Mini arrived with a small 3 inch 10 page manual along with many accessories. Plugging the vaporizer to the adapter produced a plastic-like odor. The Vapir Oxygen Mini does not implement a blower.

Finely ground herbs is recommended similar to other vaporizers. The temperature controls are easy to set. The right button will increase the temperature and the left to decrease. Once the desired temperature is set, press the top button to begin heating the device.

Inhaling through the whip/tube with or without a mouthpiece is difficult. The ventilation to allow inhalations is comprised of four very small holes. Not only is it comprised of four small ventilation holes, but the other end of the whip prevents fast, large pulls from the vaporizer. Testing just the whip unattached also did not provide an ample amount of pull. The amount of vapors produced by the Vapir Oxygen Mini is unacceptable, especially for the price. Patients that are accustomed to large pulls will be disappointed. The tightness is comparable to a cigarette.

The Vapir Oxygen Mini Vaporizer is designed for portability. It has a rechargeable battery that requires an initial charge of 24 hours prior to using. A wall adapter is included in the package.

The screens that came with the package are curiously, cylindrically shaped. Inspecting the Oxygen Mini shows the screens are used for the brass chamber. Another screen is wrapped at the other end of the whip/tube.

Loading the chamber is awkward due to very small space available. the Magic Dragon estimates the amount of herbs that can fill the heating chamber to be about .03 grams of loosely packed herb. Using the stick to pack the herbs restricts the air flow more. This is not recommended for patients with hands that shake or spastic. Loading the vaporizer is a bit cumbersome. The heating chamber is very small. It does not allow to put desired amounts of herbs for vaporizing.

Disposal of the consumed herbs is also not simple. The herbs are not easily disposed by removing the top. After removing the top, the wooden tool is recommended to remove the consumed herbs in order to clean the chamber in preparation for the next load. Because there is also a screen in the heating chamber, it is easily removed. The cylindrical screen is loose, which in turn, will fall out when using the stick to clean the heating chamber.

The flavors of the various herbs tested are not fully released , possibly due to the plastic-like taste, which gradually dissipates with more use. Vapir support assures the Magic Dragon that the parts have been tested for VOC’s.  The great support eases my worries by stating that it is not made from plastic, but from a nylon blend.

This device has a timer that disables the heating core while it is still turned on. Press the top button to start the heating again. Some could find this useful, some could find it a disadvantage. Much like all the different ways to consume marijuana, it all depends the users’ preferences.

Vapir touts itself as “The Quit Smoking Company.” the Magic Dragon understands why the Oxygen Mini is reminiscent of a cigarette.

The Vapir Oxygen Mini is apparently designed for light pulls and portability. The potency produced is moderate. The heating chamber is ready to load in a few minutes when the light changes to green.

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  2. I’ve been researching the Vapir Mini 2 for hours. This is by far the best review i’ve read. I was worried about the VOC and the plastic like taste ive heard some people talk about. Smokin plastic can cause cancer im not sure about a nylon blend

    By Gary on Sep 20, 2009


    By mICHEL on Nov 20, 2009

  4. Like Gary said above I’ve been researching for hours and this is the best review. Thank you

    By Xetelian on Feb 6, 2010

  5. i just bought one, entirely accurate, smell is not that bad as i have read, it is a bit hard to hit and pack, but what do you expect out of something so portable. Lets go to the judges

    American Judge:9
    Mexican Judge:10
    Russian Judge:8 damn ruskies, but they a point, can’t wait to get the upgraded model when I can afford it. I’m sure I can find resale value for this on craigslist when I do.

    By jeff on Jun 20, 2010

  6. I’ve never used another vaporizer, I don’t much like idea of using plastic bags, the prixe and size (mini) were right.
    I’ve had ir a few years now. Take care of the power cord, I need to buy a new power cord already, something I did probably (the cord seems to be pulling away from the plug part). It took me some getting used to this. I get the medicine in there via a folded piece of sturdy paper to funnel it in. I seem to have lost both wooden sticks, so I’ve been pushing it down into the chamber by inserting the long part of the mouchpeice into the chamber…this works better, anyway. Also, I’ve been using the loop end of the cleaning brush to push any stray herbs into the chamber. The flat end of a papermate pen works perfectly to get the chamber screen out. I love my mini. Thanks for the review, Magic Dragon.

    By skates on Jul 18, 2010

  7. I disagree! I have one and love it. It is efficient and priced right. (forget the battery and get the car charger instead) one load for me is about one half as effective a one load out of my dbv. the vapir take about .03 gm to fill the dbv about .2 gm. Now I lve my dbv with all my heart. one load at the right temp will put you down even with the most common swag, Its scary to imagine what quality stuff would do! But the vapir O2 will steach an one Oz forever! Yes it has some issues like sucking like ur sucking a slurpy (not too bad) or the plastic taste at first (takes a while to go away) but on the positive side it cheap 125.00 with car charger (no battery) and you can use it and take with you anywhere (very small footprint) no batteries to replace and no God awful butaine taste. this and a dbv or ssv is all you will ever need. One for the house and the other for evry where else.

    By charles on Aug 14, 2010

  8. my car charger is well made and very tough. i use it all the time.;’

    By Aaliyah Wood on Oct 1, 2010

  9. The power connector(male connector) is a poor design for a power connector.

    After a year of daily use, the battery unit male connector wires broke, the same on the 120VAC power unit male connector.

    Only take a second to “fry” the Oxygen electronics….I now have a Oxygen vapir unit which shows “88}c” in the display…no heat, no response to up/down temp select, no response when the power button is engaged.

    Basically, long term use is hindered by the poor engineering design of the power connections at the vaporizer.

    Worked like a gem otherwise….

    Even the most tender of care has resulted in the static state of no heat….just a pretty blue night light.
    $150.00 night light.

    Screens for the end of the mouthpiece(chamber side) are $1.00 each at the local smoke shop…so very fine meshed that after one usage, the screen is completely plugged.

    The replacement screens for the inside of the heat chamber are also expensive.

    Hope all who read this make feasible choices when acquiring the Oxygen vaporizer.

    Hopefully the newest generation Vapir, Inc vaporizer has this power connector issue resolved…

    yesterday working great, today no response, no heat. Plugged in the power connector and a brief flash on the display, then inop.

    By Mic on Feb 14, 2011

  10. lol nylon is a plastic,

    well it is plastic anyway, plastic is an adjective often used as a noun and nylon is certainly as much a “plastic” as a polyester

    thanks for the helpful review, they are hard to come by as most reviews of these types of products are by salespeople

    By Richard on Mar 25, 2011

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