07/01/2009 – 4:20

Headband 1 smallType:  Indica

Rating: 8/10

Duration: 1.0- 1.5 Hours

Density:  Thick and compressed

Method:  Pipe

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Headband is a surprise to the testers.  It is labeled as indica, though it is a hybrid.  It is considered an Indica dominant strain.  Headband is a combination of OG Kush, Master Kush, and Sour Diesel.  This potent combination creates a strain that is very different from the others.  Opening the container releases a scent similar to sativa strains.  Headband provides a good taste and is smooth on the throat.

Headband is a surprise due to the very good combination of relief it provides. This is not recommended for beginners, though you can decrease and test the dosage using the method of your preference.  Surprisingly, it provides the proper combination of elation, sedation, and duration among the other positive characteristics.

Headband provides relief for a number of symptoms.  Pain and headaches dissipate after a few minutes.  A relaxed release of tension and stress assist in overall attitude.  The excellent choice of sativa added to the combination of Headband balances the indica/sativa characteristics.  An awake and alert feeling is also provided but fatigue is not relieved.  Appetite is stimulated, as well.  Muscles spasms are moderately reduced.

The elation of Headband is different from other strains.  The elation is potent, possibly for the everyday smoker, as well.  It is a quality elation, not just potent.

Overall, many smokers will enjoy the quality characteristics of Headband with the duration provided.

Note:  Headband was labeled as Indica from the dispensary

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  1. 78 Responses to “Headband”

  2. can you ship to nc very small ammount 1gm and or seed

    By mitch on Sep 8, 2009

  3. We wish we could, but we can’t. Sorry.

    By puff on Sep 8, 2009

  4. got some right now this shit is the bomb! ive got maybe a half gram nugget that is stinking up my whole upstairs very potent make the green crack kush i had seem like childs play

    By clouds on Oct 15, 2009

  5. This is a great strain. I thought it was more on the sativa side of the hybrid, great head high. love to put my headband on. Love the strain so much I had to get a clone.

    By Dan on Oct 20, 2009

  6. Hey Mitch. Go f*ck urself u f*ckin dirty cop *$#!.

    By Random on Nov 18, 2009

  7. Man, just got some in WA. Oooooweeeee.In love.

    By Seattle on Dec 13, 2009

  8. Headband is one of my favorite strains. Check it out if you get the chance :)

    By Eric on Jan 24, 2010

  9. Anybody tried cooking with headband? please post your feedback..

    By P on Jan 30, 2010

  10. ive cooked with it but also hash and keef in butter too; needless to say it was strong, and maybe one of the only times ive been high from edibles. headband is a great smoke great taste and grown all over up here in humco

    By funk on Mar 13, 2010

  11. ya its great for cooking

    By jesse on Mar 26, 2010

  12. just made it’s way to TN

    By skunf funk on Apr 13, 2010

  13. ya this shits dank as hell. had it before and just got ahold of some again and it is some of the best shit ever had to buy the dude out of all he had it was that good 😛

    By vanillaface850 on May 10, 2010

  14. grower in Houstons got some of this……amazing,amazing, strong stuff.

    By matt on May 11, 2010

  15. i got a huge Headband plant second week of flower, does anyone know how many week flower she is

    By Caps on May 14, 2010

  16. i need to know that question too, can somebody help, how many weeks flower!!!!

    By blaine on May 14, 2010

  17. Headband is defanitly the best I’ve ever smoked! I’ve been smoking for ten years and I have my medical license in colorado. I’ve never seen anything so keefy! It really helps with pain also enlightens your mood! It goes for 65 an eighth here. How much does It go for else where?

    By daniel on May 18, 2010

  18. It’s about the same in SoCal.

    By puff on May 18, 2010

  19. I just got some of this strain yesterday.
    It is pretty good considering I just ran out of Blueberry when I got this. I could tell a difference even after I was smoking blueberry all day before getting HB.
    We pay 60.00 here in the SE.

    By midgrade on May 22, 2010

  20. Great review, thanks! Had a BT try to tell me Headband was sativa dominant. I can see why he’d think that. Love that dense vapor on a Volcano — thing of beauty!

    By Daisy on May 28, 2010

  21. ontario canada, we got ounzes of this shit

    By bm on Jun 2, 2010

  22. shit is the fire. smoking it right now in CO. still gets me headbanded every time.

    By stickyicky on Jun 26, 2010

  23. Just vaped some in Cali. This is a wonderful strain. An almost perfect balance of physical/mental benefits. Will definitely boost your appetite, so have some healthy snacks (or any kind) on hand for some serious munching.

    By Dixon Ticonderoga on Jul 2, 2010

  24. just got some heard alot about it had to tryy it finally found it smokin it now fuckin stoned good shit ranked right under northern lights

    By master pigg on Jul 8, 2010

  25. ALL I KNOW IS when u burn this u be wearing that HEADBAND FA REALZZZ!!! got headband kush anyone tried that?

    By BOMB!!!! on Jul 19, 2010


    By J DAWG54!!! on Jul 21, 2010

  27. Just got the hook on this killer shit and my friends are loving it. I love the taste its completely unmatched by any other strain. Such an overwhelming high, definitely not for the first timer. However, my buddies and I at work love it at lunch and break time!

    By Austin on Jul 26, 2010

  28. Great Strain! Very potent, has a frutty but strong smell, must be from the Sour D in it…Smoked a bowl in the morning and blew me out of my mind. Dopest dope ever smoked! 5 Stars!!

    By Victor on Aug 9, 2010

  29. Is it more of a nightime bud than og kush?

    By nightimebud on Aug 13, 2010

  30. I have the Headband right now..Yes Yes…Chicago is finally stepping up and demanding that good good. Midwest was too concerned about getting a good deal then to get good quality..I think this (headband) is the shizzit..super funky, perfectly cured, almost no leaves, multicolored, amazing taste. I take one hit at a time and move on about my daily business..agreed..its not for the newbee. Green crack was Green Crap compared to HB…The combo ind/sat mix is superb..best of both worlds..

    By ChiTownCritic on Aug 17, 2010

  31. I just got my license, and I got the headband, blueberry and some edibles. To be honest, I get bad panic attacks, and most buds aren’t good for me, but some make me energetic and concentrate. I’m a less than moderate smoker, so I was a little iffy. However, this was so great! My mood is definitely elated, and it kicks blueberry’s ass imo.

    By Carissa on Aug 24, 2010

  32. ive smoked both the OG kush+sour deisil headband, and the headband with the master kush genetic also, by far the
    OG kush+sour deisil+master kush, is the best.

    By jesse on Aug 27, 2010

  33. im from the bay and i smoke weed basicly all day, so ive tryed alot of different kinds of weeds and i have to say best strain ever ive ever smoked by far is headband, better than most hash ive smoked even almost like i different drug.
    (though ive gotten headband 3 times and it was only that cronic once)

    By bob on Aug 27, 2010

  34. From Minneapolis.

    We right there with you Chi-Town. This shit is really bomb and drags out especially if you wake and bake it.

    Buddah Bless You

    By cannabusiness on Aug 28, 2010

  35. Just left another club from the Bay Area and those dumb ass people tried to say headband is a HEAVY indica strain, fortunately I have had it a few times before & knew it was sativa dominant. Although making bud butter out of headband produces indica body high effects, but let’s be real here…what edibles don’t make you chill as fu@#$k?

    On a separate note….why do all these clubs offer B- quality bud and say it is A+? I grow a personal stash of two plants ( 4 feet each) every 4 months, yielding about 3-4 ounces. I grow spicy hash (hash plant x red shiva) & Top 44; both yield A+ bud that puts this club shit to shame!! Anybody else feel the same?

    By K-Doggy on Aug 29, 2010

  36. If you can get it stay with hand trimmed buds only. Machine trimming takes off the small bud leaves. The higher percentage of the cannabinoids in the leaves enhance the THC in the buds.

    Flowering time? never use it! Inspect the trichomes…when about 10 % are turning amber colored it is at the THC peak.

    By lphaze on Sep 5, 2010

  37. its a 10 to 11 week flower! could go 12 but be careful !look at you tube!

    By jon on Sep 13, 2010

  38. p.s i get fur 15 a gram 50 an 8th tempe arizona!

    By jon on Sep 13, 2010

  39. Smoking some Headband right now, and it is just as described. THE BOMB!!!!

    By JW Bahlz on Sep 30, 2010

  40. This description is TOTALLY FUCKING WRONG! HB is a sativa dominant strain, you dumb ****! Very sour, and very heady. Not the best I’ve ever had, but it’s still good dank.
    Get your shit right from now on.

    By FatJesus on Oct 16, 2010

  41. To all you people that are ignorant/unaware of what it is that you are smoking: headband IS a sativa dominant strain. OG x Master x Sour Diesel. First, OG “kush” is not kush at all. It is a cross between sour diesel and the original Chem line (Lineage unknown to me…. I have heard several different stories but the most logical is the rez dog bag seed story due to the lack of reliable information elsewhere.) Master used was the Hindu Kush X Skunk (If memory serves correctly its the #1 variety) If you dont know the lineage of sour d please look it up. there are several phenotypes and Im not sure which was used…. As far as cultivation is concerned I do not have much experience as I have only dabbled with a few cycles and never on its own system so Im certain my nutrient mix wasnt optimized. It was an exciting strain to grow. Please remember to question your medicine when visiting a dispensary. in SoCal so we get mindf’ked on lineage by inept collectives and robbed of true quality by growers that do not take pride in their product. Top of the line head band is currently available at several dispensaries in the greater LA area as well as an awesome delivery service in SB. Thanks

    By Jon on Oct 17, 2010

  42. (I would like to preface this by saying that indica or sativa, cannabis is cannabis and both can have the potential for large quantities of THC, CBD, CBN, etc. and that is what is important :-) I just wanted to reply to the comment left by FatJesus that the description of this strain is “TOTALLY FUCKING WRONG!”. I disagree, description reads: “Headband is a surprise to the testers. It is labeled as indica, though it is a hybrid. It is considered an Indica dominant strain. [Headband is]… a strain that is very different from the others. Opening the container releases a scent similar to sativa strains.” One must realize that their are phenotypes that are common among both sativa and indica strains. Just because it is sour, which it is, doesn’t mean that it is sativa dominant, you can get the sour pheno in an indica dominant strain, that is one of the many wonders of the genetics and the hybridization of cannabis. I think the description of this strain is dead on. While it is an indica dominant strain it is also a hybrid and expresses specific (and HIGHly delicious) phenos from both it’s hybrid parents. Word of advise to FatJesus, calm down and just enjoy “God’s Gift to Humanity” for what it is and try a different strain if you are in such need for specifically pure indica bud, try a different strain (Indica-dominant strains with like phenos: most any Afghani, HashPlant, Shiva, and strains with “purple” or “skunk” in the name. Hope that helps… This is Brandon Tokin’ Headband in AZ

    By Brandon on Oct 28, 2010

  43. this stuff is really good!!
    smells like crazy!!
    come on down to Southern Cali.
    >:) i only got a 1 More Nuggy

    By Jonny on Oct 28, 2010

  44. Headband is a mediocre strain. An indica dominant but does not retain large amounts of cannabidiol. Cannabidiol is a cannabinoid that is the main pain relief ingredient in marijuana. Cannabidiol, or CBD, flourish in Indicas more so than Sativas. I personally favor indicas and I although Headband is a potent strain, it just does not provide the pain killing relief patients with severe pain require.

    By matt on Dec 24, 2010

  45. Hey Jon, OG Kush is an Indica bro, montanacannabis.blogspot.com. REAL OG Kush will make your ass fall asleep, its chaulk full of CBDS

    By matt on Dec 24, 2010


    By Sara on Dec 27, 2010

  47. first timer just had a boy stop by with this heavy shit hundo a eigth lmao

    By duke nuke on Dec 28, 2010

  48. just bought 1/2 lbs. of this shit here in s.f. – glory hallelujah.

    By thom on Dec 31, 2010

  49. Just got some of this for $50 an eighth in North Idaho. Great strain!

    By tommyh123 on Jan 24, 2011

  50. Just got some too…$150 14g Rancho Cucamonga Ca.

    By Stoney on Jan 27, 2011

  51. I’m bout to get some can’t wait. I can’t imagine it be better than og kush!!!!

    By Chasity on Jan 27, 2011

  52. Just got some cheap outdoor Headband here in SF. ($10/gram!) Very nice and looks EXACTLY like sativa. Can’t wait to hit it again but stuck right now!

    By Dilla on Jan 29, 2011

  53. hey mitch f*ck a cop dirty pig

    By hills of kush on Feb 2, 2011

  54. An 8th here runs from 30-40$.. wow u guys are getting a$$ raped. ~Humboldt Weed~

    By Humboldt County on Feb 4, 2011

  55. excellent marijuana review of Headband. this is one of my favorite pain relief strains. gives you a little bit of motivation and relieves pain. overall a great marijuana strain.

    By matt mernagh on Feb 5, 2011

  56. I get an 8th for 40. Headband surprises even the most seasoned “stoners”

    By SLC15 on Feb 6, 2011

  57. this is one of the best strains ive had since ive started smoking and im only 17, its some fire ass kushhh! me and my brother killed half an Oz. in 2 days. >.<

    By cheeeeba on Feb 17, 2011

  58. Feb 26: Dude I had some of this yesterday and today. Yesterday my friends and I mixed some of this headband green with some shisha and smoked it out of a 4 hoser hookah pipe. After about 20 minutes of smoking, I wasn’t feeling much but then when I stood up…. I could feel it. I went on to smoke it for another 20 minutes while standing and I was totally out of it dude. I left after 40 minutes after smoking this shisha/headband mix and played some halo reach while my 2 other friends were smoking for another 20 minutes before the coal died in the hookah. Dude I was so out of it when playing halo reach. There was like 4 headband buds in the hookah bowl. I eventually just ended up crashing on the couch at like 2am.
    I woke up today with really red eyes. So my friends and I got some shisha going on. Then we ate breakfast and my friend smoked like 2 bowls of this and we went and got munchies. Once we got munchies, we all smoked the last of my friend’s headband green out of a pipe and bong. I must of got like 5 or 6 hits. It wasn’t as strong as last night was but I had some munchies. I then chilled a few hours at my friends and went home. Overall, headband is some really good shit. It is also easy on the throat.

    By Mike on Feb 26, 2011

  59. I got 1/8 of Headband from my friend and I’m very impressed with it. Very pungent with that “Nor-Cal” smell. Dense, too. Very smooth and tasty. Strong head high that lasts a good while. Appetite upped but not stupidly so. 4 out of 5.

    By B-Mac on Mar 28, 2011

  60. Iv been smoking this for a while now, I smoke daily and it still gets me stoned. And it reaks like hell. But its extreamly cristaly, you should smoke it out of a bowl or bong.

    By Chad on Apr 5, 2011

  61. Mann had so the last night before before bed it was so good I stayed up to enjoy it and was very productive unlike how some other strains makes me lazy, when I final fell asleep it was great i’ll give it 9/10

    By Cloudwalker on Apr 13, 2011

  62. Hey Mitch i got some seeds for ya.
    Some Sunflower SEEDS BIATCH!!!!

    By Dick on Apr 14, 2011

  63. headband is a personal favorite of mine. it is def a hybrid and the combo works perfectly for me. I don’t get too couch locked but its not too intense either, perfect blend for me. I’m able to blaze and then do work if i need to, or i can just chill and watch tv.

    By james on Jun 5, 2011

  64. I have been puffing headband for about 8 months, It is better than the other strains my dealer has.
    but it is getting a bit old with the same smoke every day.
    I pay $400 QP you can’t go wrong with that.

    By puffy daddy on Aug 17, 2011

  65. Yo. I get this for 40. It is pretty good here in AZ. I just got my medical card and like the peppy high while providing average level pain relief. Too bad we don’t have dispensaries…yet!
    To Zion, stop hate.

    By Jamaal Tinsley on Aug 23, 2011

  66. Nice one Dick!!! HB is the shit, I just got it and I put it up there with the permafrost

    By s5 on Aug 30, 2011

  67. I got that in my neighborhood for the low.
    Matter fact I just got done smoking some right now. And this got me feelin RIGHT.”)

    By TEDDDY on Sep 1, 2011

  68. I get sell mine for the 25 too.

    By TEDDDY on Sep 1, 2011

  69. This shit just hit Indy, definitely a good buzz..but nit everything I expected

    By Zach on Sep 4, 2011

  70. smoking some headband now. was purchasing from the budget buster shelf. The taste is okay. It smells like a sativa but I can feel the indica/sativa, which is great since I just got off work so i wanna chill but I still have shit to do later so I need the up.

    By Donovan on Sep 6, 2011

  71. some nice buds. i picked up about 2 gs from a dealer in NY and didn’t believe headband was the real name. for the most part i agree with the review other then the rating and duration. id rate it a 9 and that’s strict. Ive had some dank strains but the combination of master and sour d just knocked me on my ass after a couple bowl packs. a few hours later im about to fall asleep and its a quarter after four in the afternoon. i blazed at noon ha ha so it lasts a nice while. not recommended for beginners enjoy my fellow stoners

    By GauZe on Sep 30, 2011

  72. I’ve been smoking for 4+ decades and consider myself a true connoisseur. Headband is one of my top three strains along with Herijuana OG and Girl Scout Cookies. All three are available in Sacramento now. All three are potent strains (balanced hybrid)that provide a good balance of physical/mental euphoria. While 007 is a sativa dominant, if it were available it would also be one of my top picks.

    By CanniMan on Nov 28, 2011

  73. Headband is my favorite day buzz!

    By Iron Duck on Jan 23, 2012

  74. “Dis’ Chronic is da’ Shiznit!”

    By BILBO WARTROD on Apr 29, 2012

  75. 15$-1.5
    (here in oside CA}

    By samsonwedley on Dec 11, 2012

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