Ubie Vaporizer Review

12/28/2008 – 4:20


Type:  Vaporizer

Name:  Ubie (oobee)

Home:  American Smokeless.Com


Construction:  Pyrex Glass

Length:  About 3.75′ (9.5 cm) combined

Parts:  2

Price:  $15 US

Manual:  American Smokeless.Com (scroll)

Requirements:  Lighter, finely ground herbs



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The Ubie is one unique, yet simple vaporizer.  It consists of two parts.  This patented vaporizer is portable and does not require electrical power.  Much like many vaporizers, it uses the convection technology.  The heat from the lighter passes through the herbs releasing the active ingredients in the herb without combustion and the release of toxins.  Place the standard lighter .78 inches (2 cm) below the Ubie.  Inhale the heat from the  the lighter flame through the holes at the end of the Ubie.  Holding the flame too close will cause combustion of the herbs.

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Ubie, similar to other vaporizers, works better when the herbs are finely ground.  Pull the Ubie apart and load the chamber with a small amount of herb about half way as shown above.  Verify your product is towards the mouthpiece and away from the holes.  The opening of the chamber measures .43 inches (1.09 cm).  Ascertain the amount to load.  Loading too much could cause a clog or combustion if prepared incorrectly.  Reattach the mouthpiece.

<Point the Ubie downwards about 45 Degrees while it is between the lips.> You should be able to see where the flame is.  Place the flame below the tip of the Ubie, and inhale slowly.  WARNING:  Do not touch the Ubie tip after a hit.  It will be very hot. Inhaling slowly produces one or maybe two hits depending the size of the inhalations.  It produces a mild elation that is moderate in duration.

This tool is used successfully by people trying to quit smoking cigarettes.  The circumference of the mouthpiece is almost the size of a cigarette butt.  The air flow when inhaling is not as free flowing as many would like.  The air flow is tighter.  Slow and steady pull produces a large amount of vapors.   The potency of the elation and sedation are adequate for light to moderate cannabis smokers.

The Ubie is great on the go.  It is portable.  It fits in your shirt pocket or probably a 100s length cigarette pack.  It pleasantly provides a hit that is smooth and tasty on the throat.  Read testimonials from Ubie users posted on American Smokeless.Com.

Sessions with the Ubie will require practiceBurning the fingers is almost certain.

Cleaning the Ubie is easy.  <Use a drop or two of dishwashing liquid> Use alcohol and kosher salt and shake it.  Run it through hot water and use a pipe cleaner that has a bent tip to reach both sides.  Clean the air intake holes on both pieces of the Ubie.  The Ubie easily gets dirty, as well.

Ubie can be used with other smoking products that can be vaporized or products that require combustion.  Ubie is used to stop smoking cigarettes by vaporizing tobacco.

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  2. I have been making a similar vaporizer from a test tube for decades…it seems hardly worth charging $15 plus shipping

    By BAD BAD LEROY BROWN on May 10, 2011

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