12/31/2008 – 4:20

Type:  Hybrid

Rating: 7/10

Duration:  1.5 – 2.0 Hours

Density:  Thick, grinder recommended

Method:  Pipe


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Illuminati is a potent sativa-dominant hybrid.  The fragrance is also a mixture of indica and sativa.  The condition of the strain is fresh.  Illuminati is a highly recommended strain to the Magic Dragon.  With an abundance of red hairs and trichomes visible to the eyes, the Magic Dragon agreed.  The indica and sativa combined in this strain create one of the better hybrids tested by the Magic Dragon.  This is not your typical hybrid.

The indica portion of the hybrid provides a heavy sedation.  Pain relief is not provided similar to most sativas.  Fatigue relief is noticeable but minor.  Illuminati provides appetite stimulation also. Headaches dissipate minutes after the initial inhalation. The sativa side of this hybrid provides alert and awake relief.  A very relaxed side of the hybrid is apparent as well.  The combination of alertness, heavy relaxation, and a potent elation provide positive characteristics that are not commonly seen in one strain.

Many have a preference to Illuminati’s combination of relief.  Heavy smokers need not inhale big.  Moderate inhalations will provide adequate relief for a longer period of time.  Light smokers should determine their dosage with Illuminati by beginning with a smaller amount.

Illuminati, being a hybrid, surprised the Magic Dragon with its potency and relief provided for an extended amount of time.  But potency does not constitute a better rating.

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