No More Raids

03/08/2009 – 4:20


Source: DrugReporter

Marijuana Milestone: No More Raids on Pot Dispensaries, Says Attorney General

By Phillip S. SmithDrug War Chronicle. Posted February 28, 2009.

Obama fulfills a campaign promise, marking the end of an era of federal resistance to state medical marijuana programs.

In response to a question at a Wednesday news conference, US Attorney General Eric Holder said the Justice Department will no longer raid medical marijuana dispensaries in states where they are legal under state law. The announcement marks the fulfillment of a President Obama campaign promise, and it marks the end of 13 years of stubborn federal resistance to state medical marijuana programs.

DEA raids of medical marijuana facilities in California continued after Obama’s election in November and even after his inauguration last month. Holder was asked if those raids represented Justice Department policy under the new administration. (Read More)

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