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RoachRoach:   the remainder of a joint or a blunt not smoked

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We have been in situations where we are out of weed.  What now?  Did you save those roaches?    The seasoned smoker is always aware of the remaining stash.  Collecting roaches and smoking them is considered by many as a desperate measure or possibly, even “yuck.”  For one reason or another, there will be a time you will be low on weed, possibly out of weed.  You wonder about the roaches in your roach motel.

Roach with a clip

A roach is the remainder of a joint not smoked.  Understandably, many discard the roach or swallow it.  It’s negligible so they think.  Indeed a roach by itself is awkward to smoke, even with the assistance of a roach clip.  But it definitely works and beneficial if you have the skill.  A roach contains all the remnants of the smoked weed.  The roach is still weed for those of us who are not rich.

roach joint small

The roach can be smoked using a bong or a pipe quickly.  This definitely works.  Another method is to line the roaches to form a joint then roll, making a roach joint.  You can use rollers for ease.  Verify that you rolled it tight.  Take note that you will smoke more papers.  Be careful of ashing – the cherry might fall out and cause a fire.

Roaches can also be broken up and have the paper removed.  Users have been known to practice this, as well.  Opening roaches will generate an odor that is not well-liked.  After they are open, you will notice ash also.  This can be cleaned further depending on how short the roach is.  If this sounds like too much work, it probably is.

This will save you in time of need – or perhaps you like roaches.  Do not underestimate and do not judge.

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  2. yuck

    By shitpants on May 17, 2012

  3. Yuck? YUCK? WTF. Roaches are great when you got nothing an need a lift. Haters gunna hate.

    By TheNigress on Jan 16, 2013

  4. Ha who the shit rolls roaches without taking the paper off?

    By pantsshit on Jul 24, 2014

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