Super Duper Master Kush

03/04/2008 – 4:20

Super Duper Master Kush indica

Type: Indica

Rating: 8/10

Method:  Pipe

Duration: 1 – 2 hours

Density: Thick, breakable bud

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It has been sometime since the Magic Dragon tested a strain of this quality. The strain came in the form of one bud weighing 3.5+ grams. Examining the Super Duper Master Kush showed an abundance of red hairs through the thick green buds. The smell of the bud was similar to other strains. The taste provides a smooth hit and a short, but tasty, aftertaste. Pain relief is evident all over the body. Sedation is noticeable minutes after the first hit. Muscles relax and the body is heavy. Elation might possibly be too heavy for some.

The combination of qualities of the Super Duper Master Kush over Master Kush is clear. Super Duper Master Kush will stimulate appetite to assist in gaining weight and calorie intake. Fatigue is enhanced, not relieved, with the combination of good pain relief and sedation. Elation is a drowsy type elation that some prefer.

Insomnia will be relieved with this strain if taken at night, possibly after dinner.

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