Gravity Vortex Review

12/08/2008 – 4:20


Name:  Gravity Vortex


Type: Tools

Height:  14 inches / 35.56 cm

Diameter:  3.5 inches / 7.62 cm

Price:  $90 (US)

Construction:  poly-carbonate composite

Recommendations:  A good lighter, glass screens

Manual:  Gravity Vortex HOWTO

The Gravity Vortex is a unique device.  It is well designed and esthetically pleasing.  It is available in green, blue, grey, and pink and two sizes (14″ – 35.56 cm and 24″ – 60.96 cm).  It won a gold medal at the 2006 High Times Cannabis Cup.

Opening the package contains:

1 Gravity Vortex Grey Travel size (14″)
2 Sliders
1 postcard advertisement for the GV

The GV website recommends a screen for the slider to prevent ash from entering the chamber.  Glass screens are assumed.

1.  Fill with water

Preparing the Gravity Vortex upon first use is a bit clumsy.  Fill it with water using top hole with the knob vertical (up and down).  Allow the water to move to the bottom chamber.  Fill until about .5 (1.27 cm)  to 1.0 inches (2.54 cm) below the carb (little hole on the side of the bottom chamber) to prevent minimal water drops.  This step should only be performed when changing the water or once a day if used everyday.

2.  Flip

Carefully flip the Gravity Vortex.  Once all the water is in the top half, turn the vortex knob horizontal (left and right) and place the Gravity Vortex on a desk/table.  Be careful of drops

3.  Load the bowl

Load the bowl and put it on top of the Gravity Vortex.  Turn the knob vertically and light the herb.  This is the part of the session where the user has to determine the speed of the Gravity Vortex inhalation.  The more vertical the knob is (6:00), the faster the water will flow, causing a faster preparation.  A slower water flow will (10:20) generate more smoke in the chamber if the herb is lit properly.

4.  Turn the knob vertically and light the bowl

Use a good lighter.  A torch lighter is highly recommended.  Be careful of burning your fingers.  The water will continue to flow regardless if the bowl is lit properly.  Smoke is now visible in the chamber.  The carb is used to control the flow of the water and also the smoke intake.  Test it to verify how it works to your preference.

5.  Remove the bowl and Inhale through the top.  Done.

6.  Stir the bowl and repeat steps to finish.

The smoke is smooth on the throat, similar to a vaporizer.  Inhaling through the Gravity Vortex is awkward at first.  It should take a few sessions to be accustomed.  Light to moderate smokers will find the Gravity Vortex a good buy.

The elation is not as rich as a bong.  It is a moderately potent elation that many prefer.  The inhalation is very smooth because of the filtration.   The sedation is perfect according to some testers.  It lacks potency for many.  It is almost an “incomplete” hit.  It is light on the body and does not provide many of the reliefs sought by heavy users and patients.  Light to moderate users will find this appropriate for their symptoms.

The elation lasts for a shorter period of time (0.5 – 0.75 Hours) depending on the strain or the product. More frequent hits or greater dosages were done to reach the desired level of elation and sedation.

the Magic Dragon, looking forward to the test and review of the Gravity Vortex, resulted in a a positive review but not for heavy smokers.  The testimonials on the Gravity Vortex website were very positive so the Magic Dragon wanted to verify their findings.

Purchasing a new bowl at the local smoke shop proved that the findings on the Magic Dragon tests 

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for heavy smokers were inaccurate when reviewing the product.    It wasn’t the Gravity Vortex that was the problem.  It was the slider/bowl.  Purchasing a new one is highly recommended.  Sliders are available in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes and glass thickness.  The Gravity Vortex uses a hole located on top that fits a 9mm slider (bottom of the slider).  Other sliders appear to fit but will not.  Bring a ruler when purchasing.

Upon using the new, large bowl slider, everything is normal until very soon after the inhalation of the chamber.  The elation and sedation are now intense because of the different bowl.  It is felt more than a pipe or a regular bong.  Relief is felt instantly.  Symptoms and conditions vary from patient to patient.  The quality and the level of intoxication are greatly enhanced with a new bowl.

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the Gravity Vortex does not require power unlike a vaporizer.  It is portable and made from strong and sturdy materials. It is available in different colors and sizes.  It is quiet.  It can hold more smoke in the chamber for a longer amount of time than a standard bong.  It fits better with its cylindrical form factor and the 3.5+ inch (8.89 cm) diameter bottom will fit anywhere on the desk or table.

The Gravity Vortex could possibly greater impair abilities that other paraphernalia don’t.  Determine your dosage.

The positive characteristics of a pipe, bong, vaporizer, joint and maybe other methods all are present using the Gravity Vortex.

The Gravity Vortex is a highly recommended tool by the Magic Dragon from light to heavy smokers, if the price at $90 (US) is okay for youYour can order the Gravity Vortex and the sliders online or check your local area smoke if shop.

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  2. I have reviewed the Gravity Vortex and it works pretty well. Go to my page to see a video on my review and how to use/clean your gravity vortex.

    By MrSwiss420 on Jan 3, 2011

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