Simple Method to Clean a Bong

12/12/2008 – 4:20

Many resources show how to maintain the cleanliness of your bong.  Many have a variety of methods and materials to use.  Many use the orange liquid sold at smoke shops.  They are available in different brands, as well.  the Magic Dragon has tested some methods. Many work decently  and many not so well.
Each bong is designed uniquely.  Many are straight, while others have curves, multiple chambers, or unreachable areas.  This is an issue for paraphanalia the Magic Dragon uses for testing.  Other methods work but not as easy as this one implemented for the Magic Dragon test products.  This method is not an original idea by the Magic Dragon.  It was a method that was tested successfully with great satisfaction.  You just need two household products that are available at your local grocery or market.

1.  Morton Kosher Salt
2.  Rubbing Alcohol


The amount used to clean different paraphanalia is dependent on the size.  Put a spoonful of Morton Kosher Salt to try.  Add  an ample amount of isopropyl rubbing alcohol to vigorously shake your bong mixing the salt and alcohol.  As you shake it, you will see the unpleasantly odored attached substances immediately washed.  Rinse with water and you are finished.  You will be pleasantly surprised with the results.  There are no odors that remain after the rinse.

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