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12/15/2008 – 4:20

the Magic Dragon received an email from one of our readers.  The email is from a grandmother with arthritis.

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Dear Magic Dragon:

I am a seventy-five year old Roman Catholic mother of six and grandmother of 10 who suffers from arthritic pain.  I had always relied upon my prescription medication for relief of my symptoms until the day my daughter had a daughter.

My granddaughter is a bundle of joy.  She enjoys singing and a particular set of car keys which I must always carry whenever she is near.  When this little one was born, she was my daughter’s first. Who would care for the newborn when her mother returned to her nursing duties?  That is when I stepped in.   But only a few months caring for this little one proved to be of great difficulty for me. Terrible pain ran up and down my arms and shoulders from caring for the child throughout the day.  My son took note of this, and he tried to help.

My son suffers from a degenerative neurological disease.  As a result of his condition, he carries a medical marijuana recommendation and is a user of–what I would come to recognize as–the miracle medication.  I certainly didn’t start with the view that medical marijuana is a miracle medication.  I believed Reefer MadnessI was so frightened to try the medication when my son presented it to me. I was suffering terribly, and during one of his visits, he handed me a small bottle of oil.  He told me it was something called “tincture,” and he told me I was to use it as a topical medication, a lotion, and he assured me it would help me with my pain.  Well, I was in terrible pain, but I was also terribly frightened of this Reefer Madness.

Every week, my son would ask me how the medication was helping, but every week I would tell him the truth:  I hadn’t tried it.  I was scared.  How would this marijuana harm me?  What would it do? Would I put my granddaughter into an oven to dry her off?  No, I could not have any of that; the pain was better to deal with.  I continued to suffer greatly, but I gave in on a Saturday.  My daughter would be home.  She is a nurse.  My son-in-law would be home.  He is a surgical technician.  My granddaughter would be safe.  In great pain, and in a terribly nervous condition, I applied the marijuana oil to my wrists.

Within two minutes–I do not exaggerate–within two minutes, my pain was gone.  I was able to twist my arms, wrists, and hands, with no pain.  I was able to hold my granddaughter, and I knew she was not a turkey that should go into the oven.  Everything surrounding me continued to look and behave in the same manner as before I had taken the medication with one important exception:  I was no longer experiencing arthritic pain. This medical marijuana did what my prescription medications could not:  it eliminated my pain within minutes and without having to take a pill.

Magic Dragon, I am writing you at the urging of my son, who is justifiably a great believer in the power of this little herb that can help so much.  I believed the nonsense I was told about this miracle medication, but it was just that, nonsense.  And now that I have my own recommendation for this helpful yet harmless lotion, I have only a few questions:  why was Reefer Madness made?  Why does such a helpful medication, which does not harm me, while other prescription drugs do, why is this medication a schedule one drug?

My son urged me to write to you, but now that I see my story written, it is my hope that I may assist other members of my generation see that Reefer Madness is wrong.  My feelings regarding this medication have changed.  Medical use of marijuana must be decriminalized.

Thank you.

Best regards,


Thank you for the post Grandma.  It helps many to understand what cannabis is and is not.  This testimonial will assist many to not fear cannabis.  Hopefully, others will also alleviate their pain using this method.  Thank you.

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