Iolite/i-Inhale Vaporizer Review

03/19/2009 – 4:20


Name: Iolite


Manufacturer:  Oglesby and Butler Ltd.

Construction:  Plastic

Length:  102mm / 4.01 in.

Width:  25mm / .98 in.

Depth:  64mm / 2.51 in.

Weight:  81 grams (no gas) / 2.85 oz.

Warranty:  2 years

Manual:  Found under Quick Start Guide on homepage

Requirements:  Butane gas, finely ground herbs


Price: $250

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The i-Inhale Vaporizer is another portable vaporizer in the market.  This company is located in Ireland.  The i-Inhale arrived in a nice “Apple-like packaging.”  The i-Inhale has several parts that are included with the purchase

  1. 1 pc. I-Inhale Portable Vaporizer Unit
  2. 1 pc. Logo Carrying Case
  3. 1 pc. Extra-Wide Cleaning Device
  4. 1 pc. Maintenance Tool
  5. 1 pc. Moisture Condenser
  6. 1 pc. Extendable Mouthpiece
  7. 1 pc. 7 Dot Herb Chamber Screen
  8. 1 pc. Replacement Heater Mesh Screen
  9. 1 pc. I-Inhale Instruction Manual

The i-Inhale is about the size of a mobile phone.  It is available in a few  colors.  The vaporizer does not require a power socket on the wall for power. It does not require a lighter either.  It is a fully stand-alone, portable, inconspicuous device that can be used discretely almost anywhere and put in your pocket or purse.

Insert a compressed, butane fuel on the hole, on the opposite side of the chamber, on top of the vaporizer to load the gas.  Be careful not to overfill.  A quick two or three seconds should fill it.  The manual states one load is estimated to be 2.5 hours of use.

Remove the chamber by pulling and seperating.  It does not require twisting.  The chamber is decent in size.  The site says it can contain 500mg or .5g of herb.  The manual states not to overstuff the chamber.  The test used 0.2 grams of cannabis for the chamber.  Of course, more can be loaded.  Loading the chamber is easy.

Load the chamber with your herb.  In preparing to insert the chamber, it was determined that if the loaded herb is loose, it could fall out of the chamber.  To solve the problem for smaller amounts of herb, turn the i-Inhale upside down and insert the chamber with the chamber faced upwards.  Turn the i-Inhale right-side up again and it is ready.

Press the trigger at the bottom and you should see a blue spark and an orange glow on the mesh side of the vaporizer.  Tests show sometimes a few presses are required.   An orange glow indicates the heating process is underway.  The warm up time is about 45 seconds or longer depending on your preference.  It should continue to warmup as you continue to inhale to maintain the temperature.  The vaporizer will be hot to the touch for some after some time.

During a session, the i-Inhale produces gaseous sounds while it’s maintaining the temperature.  This is normal.

The i-Inhale’s design only allows slow and smaller pulls from the tube.  Big hitters would have to accustom themselves.  The inhalations are similar to a tight joint.  Light smokers would find this device adequate for relief.  One chamber is not like a pipe or bong hit or other vaporizers.  It is not a One-Hitter Quitter.

i-Inhale does not produce a lot of vapors.  Let me correct that.  The i-Inhale is able to produce vapors each and every pull for about 30 minutes.  The amount of vapors per pull is not for heavy smokers.  It requires a long, slow pull to obtain an unacceptable amount of vapors.  Vapors are not rich compared to other vaporizers. Vapors are tasty from the beginning to the end, however.

The tightness of the pulls can be compared to cigarettes for those that are familiar with cigarettes.  It would be appropriate for a cigarette replacement.  The website states that it is for all – from light to heavy smokers.  Heavy smokers will not consider the i-Inhale as a replacement.  Vaporizer technology is considered the healthy method of consuming herbs.  The tightness is the huge downside to i-Inhale.  It is difficult to inhale a sufficient amount of vapors.  The elation is possibly from lack of oxygen while trying to inhale through this vaporizer.

Because of its form-factor, it can be brought around while you continuously pull from the i-Inhale.  It vaporizes the herb only when you inhale from it.  It does not contain a blower like other vaporizers.  It can be left anywhere around you without pulling from it.  Gas sounds will be heard to maintain the heat so when you want a hit, you hit.  It could be construded as passive smoking.  Vapors can be seen exhaled even after 20 minutes of passive smoking (hit, set down for a few minutes, hit).

i-Inhale becomes hot when held.  It is hot when turned on for several minutes.  This would not be comfortable for many, including the elderly and the disabled. Because of the portability, it can be set down on your desk, on the side table, or night table to begin.  You can watch TV in the living room, or in the garage working on a project.  But then again, a joint or a quick bong hit would provide a better elation and sedation.

Clearing the chamber requires a poker to clear the remaining herbs after discarding.

unitsOverall, the i-Inhale is for light smokers or cigarette smokers. The inhalations taste good but tight for big inhalers that snap the bowls on a bong.  Bigger pulls can be achieved through a small pipe.  Priced at $250, the relief is a disappointment.  Portability may not be that attractive nor a priority to many.  Health reasons could have others find the i-Inhale worthwhile.  The duration of the load possibly lasts as long as it does due to the many, small pulls.

  1. 7 Responses to “Iolite/i-Inhale Vaporizer Review”

  2. I just received my jolite yesterday, the instruction booklet was lacking. I appreciate this website with the wealth of information, thank you. I am still not sure if after the orange light goes out if I turn it jolite off or not? What I have been doing (not that I smoke very much,LOL), is flip the switch over to what looks like the number 1 (on) and then depress to ignite, the blue goes orange, then when the orange goes out, I flip the switch to the 0 (off). I then wait a few moments and take a suck. Although I feel that I am not doing it quite right and many sucks do not have any smoke on the exhale, I do feel the medicine take effect, so I know that I am getting some good out of it without the smoke! So I am very pleased with my purchase. I already have a volcano which is huge and noisy with lots and lots of smoke.
    I like the jolite for the travel, smokeless convenience and I hope that I will figure out a way to optimize on the operation. Thanks Again. Janis 7.7.09 WORLD PEACE!

    By Janis on Jul 7, 2009

  3. Upon turning on (1) the i-Inhale, allow it to reach the desired temperature for vaporizing. This will be several minutes. The first or second inhalation might not produce visible vapors, depending on how deep the pull is. After the session, you may turn off (0) the i-Inhale and it will still produce gaseous/hissing sounds. This is normal. You may still inhale through the i-Inhale as it cools. You should leave the i-Inhale turned on (1) until you are certain your have finished. Take a puff or two then leave it turned on within reach until you are ready for the next inhalation. Leaving the i-Inhale turned on will last for maybe 30 minutes, depending on how large inhalations are. The orange light shows the i-Inhale warming up. When the orange light stops glowing, it is ready. Turning it off is not required until you have finished the session. We hope that helps.

    By puff on Jul 8, 2009

  4. After you use a bowl will the herbs be burned and charred or do they look the same as when you put them in?

    By RAZOR___ on Feb 18, 2011

  5. I have one of these and am a heavy smoker, and can get just as ripped off of this- you just have to learn how to slowly inhale.

    The herb is not burned at all…it simply turns brownish green to brown when the load is done.

    By JLAX on Apr 6, 2011

  6. I am also a heavy hitter and I enjoy as this as much, if not more than, more traditional devices. I find that if grind the herb between your fingers until it is almost powdery but not quite. Fill the bowl loosely. Switch on and inhale slowly and often. When done, switch off and continue inhaling until it cools. Tap out the contents of the bowl, stir and re-insert. A session for me is about 15 minutes. Contents of bowl will shrink about 20 percent after each use. A true multiple-hit device.

    By David F Perkins on Feb 27, 2012

  7. How do I order and pay for this product? I would like to buy three of these units, can you give me a price including postage to Australia for the three?

    By Michael on Apr 9, 2012

  8. My iolite is 2 months old and I have been happy with it but I find that the gaseous “roar” is not as loud and the element does not glow as brightly as it once did It also sounds as if it is struggling to stay lit alot of times I have to relight it several times.I’m very worried about the quality of this item(300 dollars)I think I need replacement parts.I hope I don’t have to wait too long to get them.Overall I love the taste but very on the fence about the durability of this product.

    By mike on Jul 31, 2012

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