Purple Goddess

01/21/2010 – 4:20

Type: Indica

Rating: 7/10

Duration: 1.25 – 1.75 hours

Density: Thick, grinder recommended

Method: Pipe

Purple Goddess was a recommended strain to the Magic Dragon. An abundance of trichomes and red hairs put the bud on a higher degree of appearance. The appearance presented mixed reviews, however. This strain provides a smooth inhalation allowing larger pulls. Upon the inhalation, the potent elation is felt. This batch of Purple Goddess is not too sticky to the fingers.

Purple patches are visible in Purple Goddess when inspected. This batch of Purple Goddess is fresh and thick. A grinder is recommended to break up the bud. The condition allows for smoother and bigger inhalations per bowl. Purple Goddess has a good taste, along with the after-taste.

Pain is alleviated moderately. Headaches dissipate after sometime. The sedation of Purple Goddess is potent. It can assist in relieving stress and tension. To provide relief for insomnia, experiment with a greater dosage. Appetite is stimulated, as well relieving nausea. Along with the potent sedation comes potent elation. This distracting strain could possibly affect your efficiency with your tasks. Test the dosage if you are not certain on how much is required to attain the relief sought.

Purple Goddess is a good strain for many that seek a potent “high.” The duration is above average. Appearance did not matter in this case. It is the results, after all.

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