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Type:  Storage

Price:  $5 (US) for a stack of 3 @ HempCon

Dimensions:  2.5″ Diameter x 1.0″ Height

Orders:  (949) 940-8989 phone only


KindStack was seen at HempCon 2010.  It looked interesting.  It is a stack of plastic containers that attach to each other by twisting it or screwing it on each other.  Puchasing it, it came with three containers.  The concept of Kindstack is similar to many other containers.  The containers are transparent to be able view your buds arranged on a stack.  Eighths can be kept seperate to indica, sativa, or hybrid.

KindStack would make it easier to transport your stash.  It would be perfect for a party.  Grind up your herb and bring it with you.  Pinch and pack your bowls almost instantaneously.

Since it is made of plastic, it is light at 2 grams per level without products.  Because it is plastic, minimal shake  and/or trichomes apparently stick to the container.  The amount of remnants remaining is negligible.  Because it is plastic, it will not break upon dropping it.

Screwing on the stacks is a bit awkward.  A few twists are required to finalize the seal.  Many times, the attempt will not be successful leaving leaks.  A little time to accustom yourself is sometimes required.  If a layer is not twisted properly, your buds might dry faster than using other containers.  Due to the weight, some have reported problems unscrewing the correct level and screwing it back to seal.  Aligning the threads is not easy for some.

Unlike popping the prescriptions bottles, twisting it on and off put patients with muscle control problems at a disadvantage.  The depth of Kindstack is only 1 inch high as opposed to  the common prescription container being 2.75 inches height by 1.5 inches width.  An eighth fits perfectly on 1 Kindstack container.

A stack of three at $5 is available with only one (1) cover, which makes it limiting.  If you wanted to bring a stack with you, the remaining stack top would not have a cover, which defeats the purpose.   You can bring all the strains with you if you want also or not bring any.  The casual smoker could find this useful.

Overall, Kindstack is not the container for which the Magic Dragon has been hoping.  There are advantages, as well as disadvantages to Kindstack.

the Magic Dragon still uses glass, sealable containers for preserving the stash of 1/8ths.  the Magic Dragon likes to label each strain.  Kindstack does not work with dry-erase or wet-erase markers.  It smears upon touching or twisting.  The height of stack will not allow stickers from other prescription bottles to stick. If you are not using good containers for your strains, this might work for you.

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  2. I love kindstacks. They do make Sativa and Indica stickers that fit perfectly on the containers itself now. If you twist the cylinders on properly it will not dry out your medicine. If you do not of course it will dry out faster than usual just like leaving the a glass jar open. The best thing is it’s lifetime warranty. Plastic is light weight and strong. I prefer kindstack to glass containers. I bought mine online they updated their website so you can purchase stacks over the internet now.

    By soul on Apr 26, 2010

  3. KINDSTACK ROCKS! I’ve had mines for a min now n there perfect for separating my medication. i seriously recommend this to any patient in need of a nifty container

    By bobby on Mar 17, 2012

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