Purple Goo

03/31/2010 – 4:20

Type:  Indica

Rating:  7/10

Duration:  1.5 – 2.0 Hours

Condition:  Dry

Method:  Pipe

Purple Goo’s condition was not at all ideal.  The strain was dry.  The strain did not require a grinder.  But using fingers to prepare the bud released a fragrant and inviting aroma.  Fragrance also remains on the fingers after preparing a bowl.  Inhalations of this batch of Purple Goo was rough on the throat for larger pulls.  Coughing will certainly happen for some.  Regardless, the strain is tasty also.

Purple Goo is a potent strain.  It provides relief for a number of conditions.  It provides heavy sedation.  Muscles are relaxed for spasmatic relief.  It assists in alleviating pain and headaches.  Appetite is definitely stimulated.  Due to the heavy sedation, the body might feel relaxed, or possibly lazy. You can increase the dosage for insomnia relief.  Fatigue relief is not provided.

The duration is better than many strains.  Purple Goo lasts from 1.5 hours to 2.0 hours depending on your tolerance.

Purple Goo is great when staying home, relaxing, and watching TV while enjoying the potent elation.  It provides a refreshing feeling of ease and contentment.  It can be used to relieve insomnia, as well.  Beginners should test the dosage.  Experienced smokers will find this a good strain.

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