07/27/2010 – 4:20

Type Hybrid – Indica dominant

Rating: 5/10

Duration:  1.5 – 2.0 Hours

Condition:  Fresh, Thick

Method:  Pipe

Initial inspection of Cream provided a fragrance similar to sativa strains, regardless of the strain being indica dominant.  The buds are tight and a grinder is recommended.  As seen in the image, Cream is covered with brown hairs and trichomes.  The fragrance becomes obvious after exhaled. A good taste, that some say, is creamy.  An after-taste  is obvious after the first pull.  Cream is harsh on the throat using a pipe.

The elation is agreeable.  It is not heavy.  It is only noticeable.  It allows normal work and does not distract.  The extended duration assists in a nice, easygoing, mood.  Cream provides mild pain and spastic relief, as well.  Fatigue is not affected.

Cream provides a decent elation and sedation.  Cream appeared potent but, we all know, appearance does not mean it is a good strain.  It provides a decent high and minimal body sedation.

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  2. I came across some seeds in a cornerbag of a vacume bag. My buddy gave me all 10seeds they were marked cream. which I’ve never heard of i have heard of ice cream . Of 10 seeds 8 of them grew…4 of them I kept inside supercroped the fuck outta them the other 4 I put outdoors in late july hoping to do a kind of autoflower on them that was a waste of 4 good plants I sould of kept inside cause they didn’t take.oh well I’ve got a bunch of other plants from bagseed outdoors gonna pull them. This weekend sometime. But that orgional “cream”strain is some plesant smell even in the veg stage.I’m from ohio of all places and good seeds marijuana hard to come by compaired to cali and michigan where you can just good to your caregiver and get clones…I like a challange like growing random seed out of any bag of decent middies and what ever I come across. The good bud around here that comes from the fedex guy never has seed . Tho it souldnt but every now and again ppl will give me one of two seeds they have found in to and qps .I feel like with growing random bagseed into good sensimilla nugs . I could do rilly good it I would just order some seeds. I wish everyone knew and understood gods great ganja like I do. May not been for everyone but for me I would rather grow than have a9to5 I would hate to work in a factory and be stuck. In ohio for the rest of my life I wanna move somewhere in brazil somewhere I can garden outdoor all year round and have huge 12footers hell yea

    By ezwiders on Oct 4, 2012

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