Enjoy Jars Review

12/06/2010 – 4:20

Home: http://enjoyjars.com/

Type: Storage

Price: $12.95 (US)

Items included: 1 Enjoy Jar, 1 NugTainer, 1 Carrying Bag

Dimensions: Height = 2″  Diameter = 4.5″

Payment Method:  Credit Cards, Paypal



the Magic Dragon obtained an interesting product named “Enjoy Jar.”  Enjoy Jar is a container designed to store a supply of cannabis. Enjoy Jar’s homepage suggests that it can easily contain a total of 0.5 ounces. This is true. the Magic Dragon, upon receipt of the the product, easily put a total of 1.0 ounces in the container (0 .25 per quarter section)Enjoy Jars can comfortably hold one ounce of nuggs.

The Enjoy Jars’ cover seals using the twist-on method similar to other jars. The tough, polycarbonate material is significantly lighter than glass.  It weighs only 3.7 ounces (105 grams) without products.

Prior to using, the Magic Dragon tested the seal by sinking the Enjoy Jar and NugTainer in water. Water did not enter anywhere in the container.  The thread to screw in the cover remained dry.  Another test was performed by putting water in one section and sealing it.  Turning the Enjoy Jar upside-down showed no drip leaking.  But between the chambers is a different story.  A small amount of water began to slowly to transfer to the other chambers.  The transfer to the next chamber was indeed slow but it did leak.

The tests proved the claims of the company.  It will seal the fragrance of the cannabis that emanates in the immediate surroundings.  A package of 70mm rolling papers with a small lighter will also fit in one section.

Because of the separate sections, it can hold up to 4 strains or .25 ounces each section, unlike one (1) jar. It is not common practice for patients or users to mix the different strains in one container. the Magic Dragon uses indica, sativa, and hybrid. These strains are stored separately using Enjoy Jars. This can replace 4  to 8 little glass jars for an organized clutter cleanup.

Retrieving a bud from an Enjoy Jar is easy. The depth is only 2 inches, making the fingers usable to obtain the buds regardless of its size. No chopsticks required. Curved bottom edges assist in ease just using the fingers.  This case is also transparent. The stash can be viewed easily if supply is lacking. It is time for a refill.

Similar to other materials, like glass or plastic, a negligible amount of shake sticks to the side, but can be easily obtained using the finger.

Since the Enjoy Jars have a circular top, labeling on the cover lid always returns to the original location. The Enjoy Jars have ample space for writing or applying stickers on the side.

The included “NugTainer” is useful, as well.  One is provided with an order of Enjoy Jar. The NugTainer can contain over a gram of ground cannabis.  Intersting?  But wait, there’s more.  The NugTainer is also airtight and small, difficulty opening it will be an issue for some .  The cover is a pop-off, as opposed to, a twist-off.  Putting ground cannabis in the NugTainer will cause a spill when opening it.  Stick with nuggs.

Many users search for products that will accomplish the simple task of storing cannabis.  This might be what you’re looking for.

Delivery is also fast.  The package was received in 2 days.  Enjoy Jars are 100% money-back guaranteed if you’re not completely satisfied.

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