Blue Paradise

04/07/2011 – 4:20

Labeled as:  Sativa

Rating: 7/10

Duration:  1.5-2.0 Hours

Condition:  Fresh, Tight

Method:  Pipe




Blue Paradise appears well grown.  Trichomes and red hairs are abundant.  Upon opening the container, a sweet fragrance emanates immediately.  The combination of appearance and fragrance provides an initial positive rating.

Blue Paradise is a fragrant sativa.  Upon initial testing, a smooth inhalation is felt allowing bigger hits.  A good fragrance and a good after-taste remain.  The fragrance of the smoke spreads and remains in the immediate surroundings.

Blue Paradise provides a relaxed but awake sedation.  Fatigue is less minutes after the initial pull.  Pain relief is not noticeable, similar to other sativas.  Elation is not to heavy.  It is initially potent but decreases minutes after.  The duration of Blue Paradise raises its rating.  Blue Paradise initially provides a quality, above average elation then turns into a nice buzz.

In the end, this strain stands out because of the duration along with the elation.

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