Jupiter Kush

04/08/2008 – 4:20

Jupiter Kush

Type: Indica

Rating: 7/10

Method: Pipe

Duration: 1.5 -2.0 Hours

Density: Thick, soft

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Another planet kush is obtained. Jupiter Kush delivers an above average elation. Similar to the other planet strains, opening the container releases a familiar fragrance. The fragrance will be obvious after preparing the buds with the fingers. The buds are thick and will provide a number of inhalations using a pipe. Along with the fragrance is a smooth taste on inhalations leaving a good and lasting aftertaste.

This indica provides a heavy elation, an indica characteristic. Pain relief, after the inhalation, was expected soon after, to no avail. Jupiter Kush does provide good appetite stimulation. The elation is a stoney, sometimes distracting, heavier intoxication. Concentration is also affected.

Sedation is moderate for an indica. The body is sedated but not stress, tension, nor the muscles. A lazy feeling sets minutes after smoking. Fatigue is also not relieved with Jupiter Kush.

The characteristics of Jupiter Kush could possibly be more acceptable if more is consumed, depending on the ailments. It is advised to test the amount due to the heavy elation and the longevity. Jupiter Kush could benefit some with mild requirements who like the heavy elation for longer periods of time.

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  2. sty high & fuck the law they can suck my dick

    By jc on Apr 23, 2009

  3. looks nice,i prefer sativa
    but indicas good as long as there female

    By CiEm on May 20, 2009

  4. For cultivators: the plants start flowering slowly (compared with the sativas) but grow steadily. More bushy and hardier than my L.A. confidential and even Fruit of the Gods

    By m3ph1st0 on Jun 8, 2010

  5. how can i get this?

    By mido on Aug 1, 2011

  6. Great article, I will be keeping my eyes open for some Jupiter kush, thank you for sharing the knowledge!

    By bubblers on Jun 11, 2016

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