05/22/2011 – 4:20

Labeled as:  Hybrid

Rating:  6/10

Duration:  1.0 – 1.5

Condition:  Thick, Fresh, Grinder Recommended

Method:  Pipe



The initial inspection of Cristal was interesting.  The scent from the flower was not the typical “chronic” fragrance.  Opening the container did not emit a strong fragrance.  It has the scent of low-grade street buds.  Many of us have had experience with a dime bag of no-name buds.  This is not close to the quality of dispensary products.  The appearance on the other hand is not a dime bag appearance.  It is a solid bud with lots of visible trichomes and red hairs.

With the initial inspection, the Magic Dragon did not know what to expect.  Of course, the fragrance nor appearance determine the final result.

Testing with the initial pull presented positive results.  Though the pull was smooth for many, some had opinions about the minor harshness testing with a pipe.  Of course, using a different method, such as a bong, would provide very different results.

The elation was noticeable and satisfying. Though it is obvious, it does not distract from tasks.  Fatigue is alleviated while pain is reduced.    Appetite stimulation is provided.

In the end, the scent did not factor in the results.  Being a Hybrid, it provides qualities of both indica and sativa.  Cristal is  potent for some but not for seasoned smokers.  It provides a potent elation with a not too heavy sedation.  The combination of the positive aspects of indica and sativa can be found in Cristal.

Results could vary depending on the amount consumed, method used, and tolerance of the user.

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