Chromium Crusher Review

05/23/2011 – 4:20

Type:  Grinder

Price:  $30 – $50 (US)

Dimension:  1.75 H x 2.5 D

Weight:  .55 lbs or 8.9 oz.

Includes:  Velvet Travel Pouch


Many ask themselves, why should they use a grinder.

People often break the buds simply using fingers.  This method of preparing the buds for smoking or vaporizing is not efficient first of all.  It is not contained in one area causing scatter.  After the buds are broken up by fingers, kief and the fragrance remain on the fingers.

Grinders are available from around $10.  Many grinders attempt to grind but do not satisfy.  Buds are still not broken up properly, sometimes unsmokeable, depending on the grinder and the buds.  If the bud is dry, the lower-end grinders might be acceptable.  If the buds are fresh and thick, a Chromium Crusher is needed.

The aesthetically pleasing Chromium Crusher will easily grind the buds for you, neatly and thoroughly.  The Chromium Crusher boasts it is constructed with zinc and steel metal alloy.

The directions for using the Chromium Crusher are as follow.  All parts are labeled in the above image.

Remove the magnetic cover (1) and place your buds on the sharp teeth (2) .  Place the cover back on the buds, crushing it with your hands tightly.  When the cover has been placed, twist it back and forth until no resistance is felt.  Quickly remove and place the cover back to ascertain all buds have been ground.  Twist the teeth (2) off then you will see your freshly ground buds.  Place the grounds elsewhere and reattach the Chromium Crusher.

A kief catcher (4) will catch the kief from the previous level (3).  After sometime, kief will clog collect in level 3.  The process of grinding will be fast after you are accustomed.

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