Pluto Kush

05/13/2008 – 4:20


Type: Indica

Rating: 8/10

Duration: 1.5 – 2.0 Hours

Density: Thick, soft

Method: Pipe


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Since testing other Planet Kushes with satisfaction, the Magic Dragon was eager to test Pluto Kush. Opening the package releases an inviting aroma. Though Pluto Kush looks familiar and similar to other kushes, it is not. Like the fragrance, Pluto Kush is a potent, tasty strain with a smooth flavor.

Pluto Kush provides relief other planet kushes do not. Pain is relieved minutes after the initial inhalation. The body is sedated to an acceptable amount. The sedation is ample but a good quality. Appetite is stimulated, as well. It provides a relaxed, but not lazy, feeling to the body. Stress and tension will reduce

The potency and quality of the elation is better than the other Planet Kushes. It provides relief by easing the mind from worries. A good movie that you have not seen in sometime could provide relaxation and stimulate concentration. It is not a heavy stoney intoxication, but a strong quality elation.

Pluto Kush also sets your mood to a light, happy feeling providing quality relief for a variety of ailments. The longevity of the relief is above average. This strain ranks high, even when compared with the other Planet Kushes.

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  2. Strongly agree. Pluto is a fantastic strain for indica lovers who like a little touch of happy.

    By bt man on Apr 9, 2010

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