Platinum Sour Diesel

03/27/2013 – 4:20


Type:  Sativa

Rating:  7/10

Condition:  Fresh

Duration:  1 – 1.5 Hours

Method:  Bong

Smoking Platinum Sour Diesel is reminiscent of Sour Diesel.  It provides an easy going elation for a decent duration.  One inhalation using a bong presented a not so pungent fragrance and taste similar to other sativa strains.

The elation is acceptable allowing to accomplish tasks or duties without distraction.  An increase in dosage will, of course, increase the duration and elation, as well as relief.  Pain is not affected similar to other sativas depending on your tolerance.

Your rating will be different depending on your taste, tolerance, and preference.  Platinum Sour Diesel  is appropriate for new users and patients for fatigue relief.  Post your comment on this strain.

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