Diablo OG

04/14/2013 – 4:20



Type:  Indica

Rating:  5/10

Condition:  Fresh

Duration:  .75 – 1.50 Hours

Density:  Thick

Method:  Bong

Price:  $60/8th (US)

Diablo OG, upon initial inspection, appears be a good strain.  The buds are covered with trichomes.  Red  hairs are pervasive throughout the bud.  The fragrance is okay.

Diablo OG is a decent strain.  It provides mild relief.  The elation is light and not distracting.  Tasks can be accomplished with this strain without distraction.

Sedation provides mild relief for spasms.  Pain is minimally reduced, if at all, and not relieved.  Appetite is also increased.  It is smooth on the throat during inhalations allowing bigger bowls when preferred.  Insomnia will not be affected with this strain depending on tolerance and dosage, meaning, if you area seasoned user, it will not assist in achieving sleep.  But for new users, increasing the dosage could assist in problems with sleeping.  It relieves daily tension and stress.   But to relieve that, another strain would be recommended.

This strain is recommended for patients seeking a light elation without too much sedation.It can be used socially at a gathering.  It will be useful when seeking relief when doing chores or normal tasks.  Pain relief is mediocre but present on multiple bong hits.  Increasing the dosage could assist in achieving the relief patients seek.

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