Da Buddha Vaporizer Review

05/22/2008 – 4:20


Name: Da Buddha

Type: Vaporizer
Manufacturer: 7th Floor LLC, USA
Core: Ceramic
Color: Brushed Metal/Aluminum
Dimensions: 3.5 inches diameter, 6.0 inches Height w/o base, 0.5 inches base
Temperature Control: Analog knob
Method: whip
Power: 120V/220V 10.5 ft non-removable
Price: $159.99 (US)
Weight: < 2 lbs.


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Da Buddha Vaporizer (DBV) has a vertical, metal, cylindrical casing that gives an industrial look and feel. The vaporizer is not heavy but stable enough on a table due to the four rubber grips located at the bottom. DVB’s power and temperature control is one knob. Opening the package contains DVB, hose, wand, 3 screens, mouthpiece, stainless steel pick, and a manual. The stock wand along with the purchase has the herbs located closer to the heating core. The instructions state that combustion is possible if the wand is filled to much, in turn causing a fire. Some tests performed showed this is evident.

DBV provides a three year warranty along with the purchase.

In the manual, it is recommended to set the temperature dial to the maximum for 10 minutes upon the very first use. The warm-up time after the initial 10 minutes decreases to three minutes thereafter. The recommended setting is from 1/4 to 1/2 of the maximum temperature. This device does not use a blower unlike other vaporizers, making it quiet. Since a blower is not installed, vapors are not wasted through the hose after an inhalation nor mixed with air. Vapors do not continue to travel through the hose while pausing after a draw.

This is a great device. DBV produces rich vapors with each draw. A quarter of the wand will provide over three or more full inhalations. It is recommended not to overfill the wand and to remove the wand after each draw or two to prevent combustion. Stir the herbs in the wand using the stainless steel pick to allow the heat to pass through all the herbs. This prevents waste and maximizes potency.

Again, DBV is a quiet vaporizer because of the missing blowers. This is not a disadvantage. This method produces a generous amount of pure vapors with each draw. The flavorful tastes produced are apparent. The elation produced by DBV is exceptional. The elation produced is high quality along with an extended duration. Of course, this is also due to the type of herb used. After a few draws, the herb becomes darker when DBV is set to 3:00.

DBV has parts available just in case you require a replacement or a designer, colorful part.

the Magic Dragon is pleased with the results of the tests of Da Buddha Vaporizer. It is easy and simple to use. It produces excellent results; results are comparable to vaporizers that are two to three times the price . Caution is advised when using DBV. It is solid and stable. The casing can be carefully held to enable relocation with the very long power cable (10 ft). Otherwise, turn off DBV, move it, then turn it on again. Other wands produce different results.

Note: A bong can be attached to inhale the vapors and filter it further. Using the mouth end of the hose, attach another wand on that end and slide into the bong. Wands should fit in the newer bongs.

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