Blue Angel

06/03/2013 – 4:20

blue angel small

Type: Sativa

Rating:  7/10

Duration: 2.0 – 3.0 Hours

Condition:  Dry

Method:  Bong

Price:  $45 / 3.5 grams

This batch of  Blue Angel was not the normal, just purchased, freshness.  The dryness will assist in the combustion upon inhaling, which some prefer.

Opening the container didn’t reveal a strong cannabis fragrance.  Magnifying the buds showed an adequate amount of trichomes and an abundance of red hairs.

Upon initial inhalation using a bong, it presented a smooth and tasty strain.  Increasing the dosage using a bigger bowl would still present a smooth and tasty strain.

The elation is better than expected.  It provides a calm, stress-free, and overall relaxed state.

The sedation provides relief from fatigue.  This strain assists in awareness.  Duties can be accomplished without distractions.  This is useful for daily responsibilities.  Muscle spasms and headaches are also alleviated.

In the end, relief provided for an extended amount of time when smoked.  The effects are immediate and lasts for an above average duration.  Blue Angel provides a fragrant, tasty, strain that  relieves symptoms for patients for about 2 – 3 Hours.  This is not useful for insomnia.

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