Grapefruit Haze

07/03/2013 – 4:20

Grapefruit Haze H small

Type: Hybrid

Rating: 2/10

Duration: .5 Hours to .75 Hours

Condition:  Fresh, Thick

Method:  Bong

Price:  $45/3.5g

Just looking at the strain looks appealing.  Crystals and red hairs show when magnified.  It does stand out from other strains.  The fragrance is not very strong.  Because it is a fresh batch, smooth inhalations allow for greater dosages.

Grapefruit Haze does provide some relief.  It could alleviate headaches, spasms, fatigue.

This is a mediocre strain.  The elation and sedation do not provide much using one bong hit.


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