Super Silver Diesel (S)

07/16/2013 – 4:20

super silver diesel largeType:  Sativa

Rating:  8/10

Duration:  1.0 Hours to 1.5 Hours

Condition:  Fresh and Thick

Method:  Bong

Price:  $45/3.5g

Amount Tested:  1 bowl

Another strain labeled as “Super.”  Upon initial inspection, feeling the buds felt tight.  Smelling the bud, as I held it, presented a strong fragrance.  When magnified, trichomes are visible all over. Red hairs are abundant, as well.

Breaking a piece of the bud to prepare does leave a fragrance on the fingers.  A grinder is recommended if using a joint.  A fresh piece of nug placed in a glass bowl presents a smooth inhalation.  The strain is tasty when exhaling.

Immediately, an elation begins.  It is not distracting nor lazy. Creativity and concentration begin in minutes if allowed.  It presents a stony effect, high if you prefer.

Fatigue is relieved by a awake feeling.  Headaches and spasms are also relieved, depending on the user.  A relaxed feeling with muscles

Overall, Super Silver Diesel is a good strain.  The elation is good.  The sedation is great for fatigue.  Good for social events, work, busy chores, etc.  The strain will affect the relief even with small amounts.  Greater dosages will increase all effects.  Again, it depends on your tolerance.


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