Colorado Legalizes Cannabis – Basic Rules

01/05/2014 – 4:20

January, 2014. There were long lines of people in snow waiting to be able to purchase cannabis legally. Many dispensaries worried about their supply of cannabis. Media were interviewing patients and users in line. Dispensaries generated over $1 Million on the first day of legalization. A variety of cannabis products are for sale, not just strains – edibles, oils, concentrates, bongs, pipes, vaporizers, are among the long list of products available. All these products are available to anyone 21 and over, with an ID, similar to purchasing alcohol. Colorado Basic Rules for Cannabis: Amendment 64

1. Anyone over 21 years old can purchase – no doctor’s note
2. A maximum of 1 (one) ounce per day from a dispensary
3. 2 Ounces for Medical Marijuana
4. .25 Ounces for visitors
5. Cannot smoke in public or in store
6. Dispensary hopping is allowed
7. Cash only
8. Drivers cannot drive inebriate
9.  . 25% of rooms available in hotels allow cannabis smoking
10. Smoking at home preferred
11. Landlords may or may not allow smoking cannabis to renters/leasers
12. 6 Plants allowed to grow for personal use
13. 25 – 33% Tax pending (???) – No tax on Medical Marijuana Patients (???)
14. Dispensaries must grow cannabis to sell
15. Employers can fire cannabis users
16. Cannot smoke in backyard, balcony. front porch
17. Cannot transport cannabis out of state

There are differences with “Medical Marijuana” vs. “Recreational Marijuana” in Colorado laws.

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