Dynamite (H) Review

12/19/2013 – 4:20

dynamite largeType: Hybrid

Rating: 6/10

Duration: 1.5 – 2.0 Hours

Condition: Fresh, Thick

Method: Bong

Price: $50 / 3.5g


Dynamite (Hybrid), upon initial inspection, looks enticing. Magnifying the strain shows crystals on the buds but not as much as other strains. Red hairs are abundant. The buds are tight and fresh. A grinder is recommended for users who prefer to ground up buds. For users who prefer “nugs,” this is easily smoked in a bowl you prefer. Dynamite has a good taste. The freshness adds to the smoothness when smoking.

The strain, labelled as a hybrid, provides both indica, and sativa traits. Most positive aspects of indica and sativa are provided but not negating either.

The sedation is mild. A relaxed feeling relieves tension and stress. Muscles are relieved from spasms. Pain is minimally relieved. Appetite is stimulated. A moderate relief for fatigue is provided.

Dynamite’s elation is moderate for the seasoned smoker. It is good but not distracting. Duties can be accomplished without a problem. A light and happy feeling assists in relieving tension and stress.

Overall, Dynamite provides relief moderately. But the duration raises the rating. For those who can’t just smoke, this might be appropriate. This is useful for social gatherings and work. The duration helps in smoking less amounts to maintain the relief provided.

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