Pure Kush Smalls

07/25/2008 – 4:20


Type:  Indica

Rating: 6/10

Duration:  1.0 – 1.5 Hours

Density:  Shake

Method:  Pipe


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The dispensary from which I obtained Pure Kush termed it as “smalls.”  Inspecting the package appears to contain shake with small buds.  The price is great for an 8th.  the Magic Dragon was curious to test what “Pure” means.

The package contained a moderately dry product.  It appears the package contains remnants from trimming and grooming the flowers.  The fragrance is similar to other kushes, as well.  The taste is also good, like quality indicas.  Unfortunately, it contained some trimmed leaves.  A grinder is not required for joints or vaporizer due to it being shake or “smalls.”

Pure Kush provides appetite stimulation after sometime of the initial pull.  Pain relief is moderately provided.  Pure Kush Smalls provides a decent elation.  It is a quality elation that begins in the first 10 minutes of an inhalation and lasts for about an hour or so.

Sedation of Pure Kush Smalls is not too heavy.  It does relax the body and relieves headaches.  Greater dosages will assist in relieving insomnia. Fatigue is not relieved as expected.

There is nothing distinct about Pure Kush Smalls.  The relief it provides would be appropriate for light or sativa smokers.  For people that require heavier sedation, an increased dosage is recommended.  For the price, Pure Kush Smalls is acceptable.

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