Oasis Cannabis Oil Pen Vaporizer Review

06/21/2014 – 4:20

oasis 1024Type:  Vaporizer


  • $25 for Vaporizer
  • $45 for .5g catridges
  • $60 for 1g cartridges

Available Cartridges:  Indica, Sativa, Hybrid

Many of us have had experience with a “vaporizer.”  A vaporizer is a device which cannabis is heated to a certain temperature and active compounds are released and inhaled.  Due the lack of combustion, vapors are released.  It has been a controversial topic pertaining to health.

Many favor using a vaporizer when consuming cannabis.  Many, still, are smoking their joints or taking bong hits.  I am not saying vaporizing is better.  Vaporizing is different.  Much like Common Methods of Consuming Cannabis, there are several methods that others prefer over another method.

Another type of vaporizer has been released in the wild,  The Pen Vaporizer.  The Oasis Pen Vaporizer is a device that comes with a USB charger.  Batteries are not required.

This Oasis Pen Vaporizer is discreet.  It uses Oasis Cartridges that come in Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid oils.  Initially, the Pen was recommended by a dispensary employee.  Testing the device presented some pros and cons.

The Pen comes with a USB Charger.  Screw in the charger and plug it in to USB.  Charging takes about 3+ hours for the light to change to blue, meaning it is fully charged.  The Oasis’ inhalations are similar to a cigarette.  It is as tight as a normal cigarette.  Oasis does not use butane to heat the oil.

One cartridge of cannabis oil is sold weighing  .5 grams.  .5 grams of cannabis oil using Oasis can produce less than an estimated 100 small inhalations providing just a headchange.

The inebriation is very light.  Seasoned smokers probably will not prefer this.  New users might enjoy this.  Seasoned smokers might use this to get a quick lift but that’s it.

Cartridges are consumed quickly for regular users.  This is not your standard “vape.”

Overall, this not your relief provider.  It is a quick, on-the-go, head-change tool.  It is useful when in public, gatherings, etc.


  • Discreet
  • USB Charging
  • cannabis oil
  • no loading a hit
  • no cleaning
  • turns off after 5+ seconds
  • LED status light when inhaling
  • LED status light when charging
  • no scent after exhaling
  • no refilling the vaporizer
  • no electricity required
  • no butane required
  • Small lift for seasoned users
  • Portable
  • Indicator lights show inhalation and charge


  • Tight hit
  • Not like a bong or joint
  • Small pick me up lift
  • Heat not continuous
  • Small hits
  • Price
  • Cartridges do not last long
  • 1 inhalation is 5 seconds only
  • Oil gauge only fills half
  • Mouth piece is shared
  • Cartridges are $40
  • Inebriation is minimal
  • sedation is minimal
  • battery discharges without warning
  • battery takes 3-4 hours to fully charge using a powered USB Hub


  1. 4 Responses to “Oasis Cannabis Oil Pen Vaporizer Review”

  2. The minimal stone is only because the oils they’re selling are watered down and flavor is abscent.

    The cartridge is also refillable which you gorgot to mention.

    There is also the “Smeagle Smoker” that is the same pen as the Oasis and both O.pens. Available for the same $25 at http://www.greymattervape.com

    By JR on Jul 27, 2014

  3. Is this the same vape pen as the O.vape ?

    By NEIL KIRK on Aug 19, 2014

  4. Hello, I recently came down with kaposi’s sarcoma, the skin cancer affecting people who are hiv positive. im negative, but have a depressed immune system. I was around someone who was positive and exhibiting kaposi’s. I had often seen youtubes and read articles on how cannabis is being used to reverse tumors, so i investigated that possibility.
    Coincidentally, I had just purchased a vape pen from oasis. I treated my friend since he come down with it first and we were able to make three coin sized tumors receed. within one week, everyone of them was gone, like they had never been there. I took pictures of before and after.
    My one spos took nine days to go away. So, while I think the pen is not perfect, it is medicine however. And it works better than the drugs they give for this, which often includes radiation.
    so I keep a cartridge handy and medicate with a small intake. The article I read about this said that it doesnt take much. my friend got three medication treatments, one every other day.
    steven if you have questions you are free to write me aquariusattack@gmail.com

    By steven davis on Oct 2, 2014

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