Candy Kush (I) Review

07/27/2014 – 4:20

candy kushType:  Indica

Rating:  6/10

Method:  Bong

Price:  $45/8th

Condition:  Fresh, not tight

Duration:  2.0 – 3.0 Hours

Candy Kush is a very interesting strain.  Inspecting the strain presented a fresh, nug not tight strain.  Inhalation provides a smooth hit that tastes good.  Candy Kush has a sweet fragrance on exhalation.

Candy Kush’s elation and sedation is not heavy for seasoned users.  It provides a light and happy elation while sedation is an acceptable and not distracting.  With an acceptable, easy going elation and acceptable sedation, the duration is a great surprise.  The duration extends the session for about two (2) hours for some.  It is a light elation great for busy work or an extended time to enjoy meetings/gatherings.

Relief provided by Candy Kush is mediocre.  Muscles relax and tension is alleviated.

Overall, Candy Kush is great for an extended period of time of okay elation and sedation.

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