Washington State Legalizes – The Basics

07/09/2014 – 4:20

i_love_cannabis_marijuana_washington_sticker-p217103239482288662qjcl_400-thumb-400x311Washington State has legalized cannabis!  Here are some basic rules for cannabis in the state.  More to come.

Source:  The Oregonian

Supply and selection may be limited. State-regulated marijuana production got off to a late start, limiting what may be available on store shelves. Main Street Marijuana managers say they arranged to get 10 pounds of cannabis for opening day, but other shop owners worry they may run out quickly.

Expect to pay more. Concerns about limited supply and state and local taxes means consumers may pay $12 to $25 a gram for state-regulated marijuana in Washington. If you’re used to buying marijuana on the black market in the Portland area, expect to pay higher prices for Washington’s state-approved pot. And yes, even Oregonians will have to fork over sales taxes.

Purchase limits. Washington’s recreational marijuana law allows anyone 21 and older to buy up to an ounce of cannabis. But fears about running out have prompted some shop owners to cap what consumers can buy at first.

Find a private place to consume. Washington’s recreational marijuana law comes with a few no-nos: no smoking in a pot shop or public.

Marijuana bought in Washington should stay in Washington. It’s illegal to take marijuana cross state lines. If you decide to head home with your ounce of legal pot, keep in mind that possession of up to an ounce of marijuana is a violation in Oregon, which means you won’t be subject to arrest or jail.

Source:  NORML

More Laws in State Laws Above.

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