Cannabis Delivery

07/14/2014 – 4:20

Marijuana-deliveryDelivery of Cannabis is an awesome and convenient method for obtaining cannabis.  Many dispensaries are providing this service for reasons probably related to “laws” in their city, county, or state.

Delivery has its pros and cons.

Depending on the dispensary, they could bring a selection from which you can choose.  Asking questions to the dispensary would assist in choosing a strain.  Some useful questions before delivery would be:

  • Is it fresh
  • How much is it
  • How long would the delivery take
  • Can you inspect it before purchasing
  • Can you bring a number of strains to choose
  • Is there a delivery charge
  • Do you have a magnifying glass
  • What are the delivery hours
  • Is there a minimum purchase for delivery
  • Do they have a webpage of strains
  • Where is their location

Delivery of Cannabis is a great service for the handicap.  Some have issues driving and/or walking.  There are a number of issues where a person is unable to purchase cannabis due to a disability.  Call the dispensary first and ask questions.  Post your experience with cannabis delivery.

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