Harlequin (I) Strain Review

10/30/2014 – 4:20

2014-10-21 12.39.36Type:  Indica

Rating:  6/10

Duration:  .5  – 1.0 Hours

Condition:  fresh,  very tight buds

Method:  bong

Price:  $40/8th

The Indica strain Harlequin was recommended by a friend.  Harlequin is not a “regular”  strain.  Harlequin presents a tight bud and probably a grinder is recommended.  The strain does not provide much but a light and easy-going elation.  Sedation is not provided, aside from minimal relaxation.

It does provide a smooth inhalation, but not very tasty.  Harlequin would be useful for people beginning to medicate with cannabis.

Harlequin can be used while you’re busy.  It is not distracting.  It can be used for gatherings without being too elated or sedated.

It is recommended for people not seeking the heavy sedation or elation but just little lift.


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