08/07/2008 – 4:20


Type:  Hybrid

Rating:  4/10

Duration:  1.0 – 1.5 Hours

Density:  thick buds

Method:  Pipe 0.2g


This strain has a simple name.  Cheese.  Cheese is a hybrid of  very good strains.  Initial tests performed present a sativa-like scent.  As shown above, the buds are nicely harvested.  The product is fresh and ready to smoke.  The thick buds are easily broken up by hand.

The taste, when smoking Cheese, is smooth on the throat for an average inhalation.  Larger dosage could possibly cause coughing.  Cheese leaves an acceptable aftertaste for several minutes.

Cheese provides some unique characteristics.  Due to the type being hybrid, both indica and sativa are represented.  Results of the tests indicate that Cheese is sativa dominant.  The taste and scent are reminiscent of some sativa strains.  It does provide an average indica elation.  Though the elation is heavier than sativas, it is not distracting.  Concentration will not decrease.

Sedation is moderate with Cheese.  Pain and muscle aches are minimally relieved with Cheese.  A mild sense of relaxation is present assisting in alleviating some tension.  This strain provides relief for an extended period of time.

Cheese would be appropriate for new users ascertaining which strain would assist in relieving symptoms.  It provides ample relief and potency with the amount taken.  Of course, if greater amounts are taken, relief and potency change.

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