Iron Maiden (I) Strain Review

01/22/2015 – 4:20

Iron MaidenLabel:  Iron Maiden

Type:  Indica

Condition:  Fresh, Sticky

Duration:1.5 to 2.0 hours

Rating:  7/10

Method:  Bong

Price:  $60.00/8th

Iron Maiden is labeled as an indica.  Upon breaking up the tight buds to a workable size, buds stick to the fingers.  Smelling the buds provides a mixed fragrance.  Visually examining the buds shows an abundance of kief/crystals and some not too obvious red hairs and purple leaves.

Initial inhalation provides a smooth and decent taste, allowing seasoned users larger bowls.  Iron Maiden provides a heavier  elation and sedation than other current strains.  Muscles relax and pain is moderately alleviated.

This strain can be distracting depending on your tolerance but it can be handled by most seeking relief from symptoms with a decent duration


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