C3 x Crystal OG (H) Strain Review

03/13/2015 – 4:20

c4 x crystal ogLabel:  C3 x Crystal OG

Type:  Hybrid

Rating:  6/10

Duration:  1 – 2 Hours

Condition:  Tight, Fresh, Sticky

Price: $45/8th

Method:  Bong

The combination of these strains produced a good strain.  The buds are tight and sticky.  The fragrance is not very aromatic.  Preparing the bud might require a grinder for some due to the tightness.

C3 x Crystal OG provides a strong elation and body sedation.  A heavy body sedation would allow a “movie” at home with a few munchies ready.  Elation is somewhat distracting.  Concentration is non-existent.  It is great for social events due to the duration, as well.

Overall, C3 x Crystal OG is an Indica Dominant Hybrid that presents a good sedation with an above average elation even for the average indica.  Relief is moderate for pain and aches.   It might assist in relieving insomnia.

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