CO2 Extract Cannibis Ampule – discontinued

09/14/2015 – 4:20

ampuleProduct Type:  Cannabis Ampule

Contents:  1 Gram Cannabis Extract

Price:  $40

Dispensary : Cornerstone Collective


A cannabis ampule is a small squeezable plastic that contains cannabis extract to be used to refill pen vaporizer tanks instead of e-juice.  It costs $40 (US) for a variety of strains.

Pen Vaporizers with cannabis oil are very useful for discreet inhalation with minimal scent.  If tolerance to cannabis is high, 1 hit should should be minimal but noticeable.  Not every tank will work well, Due to the oil extracted from cannabis, it is richer, thicker, and can cause resin in the vaporizer atomizer causing it to clog.

Ampules can be useful for traffic, meetings, parties, and so on. It can be used before bed.  It is useful when packing a bowl is not possible.  It is clean, no ashes, no dirty water, no lighter required.  Though ampules are satisfying, they are not as potent as a pipe or a bong for a quick lift.

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