Grape Ape

08/10/2008 – 4:20

Type:  Indica

Rating: 9/10

Duration:  2.0 – 3.0 Hours

Density:  Thick buds, grinder recommended

Method:  Pipe


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Grape Ape is an indica that presents many qualities.  Opening the container revealed brown, fresh buds.  The pungent fragrance of Grape Ape is inviting.  The buds are tight so a grinder is recommended for ease.  A small bud, after grinding, will produce a significant amount ready for smoking or vaping.  It is tasty and smooth on the throat.

Grape Ape provides a potent and heavy elation.  Headache is relieved soon after initial pull.  The elation is present for an extended period of time, as well.   A happy mood is instilled when the “buzz” sets.

The sedation is heavy, as well.  The body is relieved of pain and spasms.  Muscles are relaxed minutes after the initial inhalation. Tension is lessened.  This strong strain can provide relief for insomnia.  Appetite stimulation is present allowing users to eat well.

Grape Ape provides relief for an extended period of time.  Consumption of this strain would be less often for continued relief.  Grape Ape provides quality intoxication and body sedation for longer durations.  The combination of relief that it provides with the welcomed elation make this an excellent strain.

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  2. G.A. is easy on the lungs, nice smell & taste.
    Works great for pain, anxiety, and will help
    you sleep through the night. Not the best in
    the world, but a quality smoke for sure.

    By Sub-Zero on Jan 17, 2009

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