Sour Diesel x OG Kush

11/17/2008 – 4:20


Type: Hybrid

Rating: 7/10

Duration: 1.0 – 1.5 Hours

Density: Solid thick

Method: Pipe


What do you get when you combine Sour Diesel with OG Kush? Preparing a session, breaking up the flower is easily done with the fingers due to the fresh condition. The fragrance does not emanate when opening the package. Moving the nose closer interestingly presents an indica/sativa fragrance. A bowl provides a smooth and tasty inhalation. It would be appropriate for “big hitters” or bong users.

The sedation is relaxing providing pain relief. Appetite stimulation is present. The elation is potent and provides a happy and awake stress relief. A better mood begins minutes after. Headaches are not relieved. It could assist in relieving other ailments when taken with greater dosages.

Overall, many users, from moderate to heavy, will enjoy this strain. It is a good combination of strains that provide relief for a good duration in one hit.

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