AKA Tommy Chong

11/24/2008 – 4:20

Tommy Chong is an American comedian.  He performs satires about cannabis consumers or “bud smokers” and cannabis/marijuana.  He has released several comedy movies throughout the decades resulting with a cult following.

AKA Tommy Chong is an award-winning, documentary regarding Tommy Chong, of America’s Cheech and Chong, who was arrested because of his son selling bongs with Tommy Chong’s face on it.

We all know that there is a current struggle for decriminalization of cannabis, but for selling designer, glass blown bongs? Watch the movie and see for yourself.  The web site states…

“a/k/a Tommy Chong chronicles the entrapment and incarceration of comedy icon Tommy Chong of the legendary comedy duo, Cheech and Chong. Josh Gilbert takes on the event in his documentary, and offers a sometimes frightening, often hilarious account of Operation Pipe Dreams, a nationwide drug paraphernalia sting spearheaded by a federal prosecutor named…”  (Read More)

Watch the preview.

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