Simple method to conceal cannabis fragrance/scent

11/26/2008 – 4:20

Some people are in the unfortunate situation where the scent of cannabis is unwelcome and/or frowned upon. There are situations where it is not allowed, or the environment is not properly ventilated.

How do I disguise the smell? This question has been asked many times. There are many answers to this question. There are devices that will setup an ozone layer in the immediate surroundings. These can range from $100 – $400. There are scientific documentation that explain how the devices eliminate the smell, odor, or fragrance.

Air fresheners are used by many. This method actually adds a scent to the cannabis scent.

A fan next a window for ventilation is always helpful, as well. Two fans can create a flow.


A simple tool can be made from household items. This idea is from seasoned smokers on the ‘Net. Thank you.

This has been named the “Bounty Blower” or “Bounce Blaster.” It is actually a paper towel roll (Bounty brand US) with rubber bands around it. Stuffed at the end are three fabric softeners (Bounce brand US). This can be created with any cylindrical shaped tube with a perfumed handkerchief. Choose your fragrance. This is an inexpensive method that apparently works.

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You can design it anyway you would like. You can customize it by using a toilet paper roll or even a gift wrapper roll. Be creative. The arrow is just a simple reminder which direction to blow. The unused paper towels provide better g2xp.jpgrip.

If price is not an object, air purifiers will work.  There are many kinds.  Some are made for smokers, bars, or restaurants while some have UV light to break down bacteria.  Check or check this out.  It has not been tested by the Magic Dragon YET.  It will give ideas if your interested.  Local Home Depot also has air purifiers.  Please read into what air purifiers do.  The good purifiers range from $500 – $900 for a living room size area.  Many smaller purifiers are also available but might not work depending on the size of the room and the amount of smoke.

the Magic Dragon does not take responsibility if methods stated do not work for you.

A combination of methods could assist in faster results. There are many users with their own solutions that work for them. The most inexpensive method is smoke outside, if the option is available. OR EDUCATE THEM. the Magic Dragon is with you.

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