NYC Kush

12/02/2008 – 4:20


Type: Indica

Rating:  8/10

Duration: 1.0 – 1.5 Hours

Density:  Thick,  grinder recommended

Method:  Pipe


NYC Kush is a popular and recommended cannabis strain, like many others.  Opening the container produces a strong fragrance that emanates the immediate surrounding.  The flowers are in a perfect, not too dry, condition.  A grinder is recommended to ease the preparation.  Fragrance sticks  to the fingers when handling NYC Kush.  This strain presents a good taste allowing bigger amd smooth inhalations with a good aftertaste that lasts several minutes.

NYC Kush provides a potent sedation.  Pain is relieved minutes after the initial inhalation.  A greater dosage is recommended for patients seeking greater relief.  Greater dosages, if required, will assist in relieving insomnia.  Muscle pains and spasms are eased with NYC Kush.  Headaches and nausea dissipate minutes after.  Appetite stimulation is evident also.  Fatigue is not relieved with the heavy sedation.

The elation is potent along with many positive characteristics NYC Kush provides.  The elation sets the mood to a feel good, happy feeling.  NYC Kush provides a potent elation that could possibly hinder tasks for some.  Heavy cannabis smokers will find the potency a relief.  All patients should determine the dosage for relieving their maladies.

This is a good choice for a strain.  It provides relief for many conditions.  The duration is longer than many other strains.  The potency and relief is also felt for a longer period of time.

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