How to make a Simple Roach Clip

04/07/2008 – 4:20




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What is a roach? A roach is a term used for a mostly consumed joint or marijuana cigarette. It is the very last remaining, small, unsmoked piece of the joint.

What is a roach clip? In order to smoke and hold this small piece properly, a device is used to protect the fingers from burning. This device is simple and can be made from other materials, or purchased ready-made.

The goal of a roach clip is to hold the small roach comfortably and to enable final consumption.

1. A wooden chopstick is recommended. A wooden chopstick length can be cut to your preference (to fit in your pocket).

2. Alligator clips

Attach the rounded end of the alligator clip to the end of a chopstick and tighten. You are done.

The alligator clip teeth are used to hold the one small side of the roach only. Verify that the clip is not preventing air from flowing.

There are many companies that sell decorative roach clips that range from $5 to $30 (US). This quick and inexpensive roach clip has been a favorite of the Magic Dragon. It is long and light. It is easy to make. It is less than $.50. With two alligator clips, a long one and a short one can be made.


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